Doors and Windows

At Total Home Center, we offer an extensive selection of custom doors and windows for both residential and commercial needs. Not only do we provide a great big-box selection, we also have over 25 years experience installing windows and doors! 

Custom Doors

Doors are a very important element of any home. These days, doors don’t just serve the purpose of allowing you to enter or exit; keep people in or out. Doors make a statement and can add style and a unique element to a home. At the Total Home Center we offer a wide variety of door options. Choose from wood doors, steel doors, PVC doors and many more. Whether you are searching for the perfect wood door, or a door that offers versatility and natural beauty, we have what you want. We offers doors in a variety of wood options including oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, and pine. Or, if a security door is what you need, steel is the way to go. Our steel doors are stronger and more durable than wood doors and won’t crack or warp. You can also get steel doors for much cheaper than most other doors.

Just looking for a durable, yet affordable door? PVC doors are vinyl and offer superior durability, making them a great solution for most homeowners. Not only are PVC doors resistant to termite damage, they are a superb weather resistant choice, offering the ability to withstand a wide range of temperature conditions. Low maintenance is also another plus to PVC doors.

Looking for new doors? Let Total Home Center take care of all your new indoor, outdoor and custom door needs.

Custom Windows

Having a strong window presence is what gives a house life. At Total  Home Center we carry a great selection of windows for your home. We understand that windows are not “one size fits”, that’s why we also offer a program that allows our you to custom design your windows before you order them! With our design tools, we are able to help you create windows that are completely unique to your needs and perfect for your home. Stop by our showroom center today and meet our in-store window experts!