Concrete and Asphault

Concrete and asphalt are used for everything from roads to buildings. At Total Home Center, we offer quotes and estimates for any kind of concrete or asphalt job.


Concrete is a solid choice for any pavement need. You can use it for anything from residential streets to airport runways. The uses of concrete are limitless. It is very durable, low priced and low maintenance making it an excellent choice that you can’t go wrong with. Concrete has a life of up to 50 years and there is no need for frequent resurfacing or spot repairing. Here we offer the option of reinforced concrete which includes steel joints to control cracking keeping the pavement very smooth and quiet over it’s life, making it very durable.


Asphalt is the universal exterior flooring. Asphalt is a great material to be used in almost any circumstance. At total Home Center we have done countless jobs that use asphalt and are prepared for any new challenges. Asphalt is ideal for driveways, roads, and many others. Our asphalt professionals can take care of any needs you might have. We have over 30 years experience working with both concrete and asphalt allowing us the know-how to complete any job big or small, for your residential and commercial needs.