What is the Total Home Center?

Ask any builder what his/her most valuable commodity is and the answer will be universal — time! Time IS money. Let us take care of your building materials AND be your personal representative and showroom, taking the burden of your customer’s decision making process off your plate.

What if you had one point of contact for everything from plan take-offs to concrete to light bulbs? What if you had a private selection center/showroom with which you could partner and proudly direct your builders, renovators, maintenance managers, customers, home buyers/sellers, and DIY’ers knowing they would receive first-class service in a comfortable, supportive, knowledgeable, professional atmosphere? THC is just such a place.

Total Home Center has been designed to give the developer, builder, renovator, remodeler, DIY’er, management company, real estate agent/brokerage, and apartment complex not just access to materials, but access to a comprehensive partnership with you and your customer and/or maintenance team — all with one call.

Free up hours a week. Simplify your materials search. Let THC partner with you and save you the value of your time, as well as quite likely saving you money, too. Don’t think for a moment that all of this is too good to be true. Come check us out and we will show you how true it all is. We look forward to working with you in the near future.