Below are current photos of a fire damage repair and rebuild job we are currently work on, that we like to refer to as “Myers”. All building materials are being supplied by Total Home Center and all construction services are being provided by Total Construction.

Our fire damage restoration services can reverse the damage caused by a fire in your home or business premises so that you are able to get back to normal living as quickly as possible.

Through our fire damage restoration process we will first assess the extent of the damage to your property to understand the extent of the damage so that we can come up with a plan of action that will give you an accurate quote for how much it should cost and an accurate estimate of how long it will take.


At Total Home Center, we recognize that dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster at your home or business can be a stressful ordeal. That is why our team is dedicated to assisting you through the entire reconstruction and repairs process — from initial cleanup to working directly with your insurance company to effectively resolve damage claims.